<locus> element can be used almost everywhere to indicate the physical location of an item. It contains always the two attributes @from and <to>. Please do not use other numbering systems or spaces within these attributes.

When a line number is given, use:

  • in case of an exact locus, line indicated by @n: <locus target="#1v" n="1"/>

  • in case of a range, lines indicated as a content :

                         <locus from="1v" to="2ra">the text begins on 1v in line 1 and ends on 2ra in line 6 </locus>

    Example 1

    OR with two <locus> elements: <locus from="134rb" n="11"> <locus to="135ra" n="28">

A list of individual references at page level (without line indication) can be given in a single <layout> with a @target

<locus target="#28v #33r #49r #50v #55v #82r #82v #83r #83v #84v #85r"></locus>

Example 2

Please DO NOT use unknown as a value for any of these attributes. Simply do not enter the attribute if its value is not known.

 <locus from="20r"></locus>

Example 3

NOT <locus from="20r" to="unknown">

A manuscript's existing foliation should not be shifted - it is possible to point to folia not included in the foliation by assigning individual leave numbers. This will lead to the inability to calculate the foliation.

Two folios between <locus target="#66"></locus> and <locus target="#67"></locus>, <locus target="#66i"></locus> and <locus target="#66ii"></locus>, are so badly mutilated that only small corners - each not containing more than fragments of 4 letters - are preserved which have not been taken into account for the foliation of the manuscript.

Example 4

Some Manuscripts are paginated instead of being foliated. You will have in such cases most probably to be consistent and provide inside <extent> a <measure unit="page">. This will then alter the behaviour of the visualization and use p. a pp. instead of f. and ff. . However, the values you MIGHT enter inside @from, @to or @target are still the foliation references, so, 1v, not 2, 2v, not 4.

The locus markup of a paginated manuscript will look like in the following example

<locus from="1ra" to="6vb">1-12</locus>

Example 5

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