TEI guidelines element bibl

Schema specification

<bibl> should always contain a <ptr> element with a target pointing at a unique tag in the Zotero Ethio-Studies Library (prefixed 'bm:'). If the title is missing from the collection, please add it following the guidelines available here. only inside <listBibl> with type clavis you can also use type for <bibl> to indicate the Clavis identifier type Beta maṣāḥǝft Guidelines

context rule report
tei:bibl[not(ancestor::tei:listBibl[@type='mss'])] not(contains(tei:ptr/@target, 'bm:')) The unique tag in Zotero to be used in this pointers should be namespaced. Please make sure that the tag in zotero begins with bm: and copy it here exactely as it is, without spaces.
tei:bibl ancestor::tei:div[@type='bibliography'] and not(parent::tei:listBibl) Please, place your bibliographical references inside a listBibl element.
tei:bibl[ancestor::tei:listBibl[@type='mss']][@type='external'] not(tei:ptr[@target]) bibl in a mss list of references with a @type="external" must contain a pointer with @target cointaing a full uri to the resource
tei:bibl child::tei:biblScope we use citedRange, not biblScope. Please, see guidelines wiki on Beta Masaheft.
Example 1

Example from LIT2365Storyo

                            <listBibl type="clavis">
                                <bibl type="CAVT">
                                    <ptr target="bm:CAVT"></ptr>
                                    <citedRange unit="item">95</citedRange>
                                <bibl type="CPG">
                                    <ptr target="bm:CPG1"></ptr>
                                    <citedRange unit="item">2252</citedRange>
Example 2

Example from LIT4633Chronicle

                            <listBibl type="editions">
                                    <ptr target="bm:Basset1882Chronicle"></ptr>
                                    <ptr target="bm:Guidi1961YohannesT"></ptr>

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