Attribution of single statements

You can attribute any single piece of information, as big as an edition in <div type='edition'> or as small as a variant reading (<rdg>) or <date>, etc., to the authority responsible for it.

Typically this authority can be:

  1. A project editor
  2. A cited publication
  3. A person

The attribute @resp can be used in all these cases.

  1. For a project editor it will contain the editor's initials, like in <div type='edition' resp='MV'>
  2. For cited publication, the <bibl> element with the citation will need to have an @xml:id and this will be referred to in the attribute, using the anchor as in <div type='edition' resp='#hommel'>.
  3. If you directly want to attribute to a person in our person records, you can simply add the PRS id as in
    ወ<supplied reason="undefined" resp="PRS10747Zotenbe">ት</supplied>ረ።

    Example 1

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