TEI guidelines element origDate

Schema specification

The constraint suggests to use when instead of repeating the same date in notBefore and notAfter. A list of values for type is offered and evidence is also defined with a list of values. Beta maṣāḥǝft Guidelines

context rule report
tei:origDate @notBefore = @notAfter For an exact date, please use @when.

Attibutes list

attribute type

This is a open list of allowed values

value definition

attribute evidence

This attribute can have a maximum of 6 values separated by a space.

This is a semi list of allowed values

value definition
lettering Text dated palaeographically
nomenclature Text dated by nomenclature or onomastics
prosopography Text dated by known persons named or implied within it
reign Text dated by the reign of a ruler
titulature Text dated by the use of official titles
internal-date Text dated by explicit internal date
context Archaeological, epigraphic, iconographic or other context of the text support
Example 1

Example from IVEf922

                            <origDate when="1903-03-12" evidence="internal-date"></origDate>

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