titleStmt of Manuscript Records

Title and file editors

    <editor key="DN"></editor>
    <editor role="generalEditor" key="AB"></editor>
    <funder>Akademie der Wissenschaften in Hamburg</funder>

Example 1

Editors (editor of the digital edition in the TEI file, which might happen to be a reworked copy of a printed edition by the same editor) are referred to only by @key. A list of IDs of project members and editors is here and should be the same as the one in the schema for <editor> and <change>.

The title should be intended as a generic title for this manuscript record, which might refer to contents or identifiers. Other rules apply for Works. The title should be made of all the normalized titles of the works contained in the manuscript. If there are many different works which would make the title too long, it is possible to create a more generic title where this makes sense.

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