<note> can contain any other information which cannot be better structured in the description. It can be used within most elements of a manuscript description.

               <colophon xml:lang="gez" xml:id="coloph1">
                  <locus target="#92r"></locus>
                  ተፈጸመ ፡ በዝየ ፡ ኦሪት ፡ ሰመንቱ ፡ ብሔር ፡ በሰላመ ፡ እግዚአ ብሔር ።
                  <note>Written in hand <ref target="#Hc"></ref>, cp. also Additiones <ref target="#a1"></ref>, <ref target="#a4"></ref>, <ref target="#a8"></ref>, <ref target="#a10"></ref>, <ref target="#a12"></ref>. 
                     The note is written over erased punctuation sign.</note>

Example 1

TEI guidelines element note

Schema specification

The value in this list are used by the Ethiopic Manuscript Archives project and should be used only when encoding data following their approach. Beta maṣāḥǝft Guidelines

Attibutes list

attribute type

This is a closed list of allowed values

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