The taxonomy is split from the single files and kept in one single file called taxonomy.xml. This is actually only a <classDecl> which contains a <taxonomy>

               <taxonomy xml:id="ethioauthlist">
                     <desc>special mss</desc>

Example 1

The main <category> with a <desc> group the actual keywords which are in children <category> elements containing only a <catDesc> as in the example above.

So, if you need to add a keyword (a value for @key in <term>),

  1. open an issue about its pertinence;
  2. if agreed then edit the taxonomy.xml file and add the value under the correct group in a <category>;
  3. create and sync an authority-file record for that;
  4. you will have then to update the schema with the value.

If the concept has already a file, it can be added twice or more times in the taxonomy according to need. See for example Letter. The file needs NOT to be duplicated. Remember that the folders which have been created in the repository are only a finding aid and should not be taken to reproduce the hierarchy of the taxonomy.

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