Manuscript Description

There should be a <msIdentifier> for the manuscript as a whole, with a <repository>. If this contains <msPart>s then each of these only needs to contain <msIdentifier> with an <idno>

The description of the manuscript part is contained in <physDesc>, the events which affected the history of the manuscript can be added in <history> while additional informations about the manuscript (e.g. <surrogates>, further bibliography, etc.) have a specific element for them: <additional> .

  1. Manuscript Contents
  2. Manuscript Physical Description

Other information from the catalogues

Information given in the catalogues about manuscripts belonging to other traditions, i.e. Arabic, should not be included in our description.

Field like information about persons related to the manuscript if not already encoded can be provided in particDesc.

Catalogue references and other information related to record and custody can be added to additional.

Lists of similar Manuscripts

A <listBibl> containing <bibl> elements for bibliographical references can be given in each <msItem>. References to similar manuscripts can instead be given with a <ref>s as described above. Note that informations about these manuscripts should be stored with the manuscripts for coherence, thus a pointer to the manuscript file will be given and that will contain the bibliographical references, date, etc.

If you want to specify within the file a relation between a bibliographic entry in the catalogue list and one of the similar manuscripts, assign an @xml:id to the <ref> pointing at the manuscript and give a @corresp to the <bibl> of the catalogue bibliography.

                    .... <ref type="mss" corresp="TuebingenAeth7" xml:id="TuebingenAeth7"></ref>
                    <ref type="mss" corresp="BNabb65" xml:id="BNabb65"></ref> ...
                    <listBibl type="catalogue">
                        <bibl corresp="#BNabb65">
                            <ptr target="bm:Abbadie1859Cat"></ptr><citedRange unit="page">75-79</citedRange>
                        <bibl corresp="#TuebingenAeth7">
                            <ptr target="bm:Ewald1843Tuebingen"></ptr>
                            <citedRange unit="page">179-180</citedRange>

Example 1

Alternatively you can use relations which is often a better and quicker solution.

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