TEI guidelines element placeName

Schema specification

We enforce the consistent identification of all places tagged. hence the ref attribute must always be there if you use this element. A rule is present to try and avoid extra spaces. For use in place records, a list of values for type is also provided. Beta maṣāḥǝft Guidelines

context rule report
tei:placeName[ancestor::tei:TEI[@type='mss' or @type='pers' or @type='work']] not(@ref) not(matches(@ref, 'INS\d+\w+') or matches(@ref, 'LOC\d+\w+') or matches(@ref, 'Q\d+') or matches(@ref, 'pleiades:\d+')) A placeName in a mss, person or work description should always contain an attribute @ref pointing to the relevant recordThe place identifier you have entered is wrong. Place IDs must match LOC\d+\w+ for places, INS\d+\w+ for institutions, Q\d+ for wikidata items or pleiades:\d+ for ancient places in the Pleiades Gazetteer.
tei:placeName[not(text())][not(parent::tei:place)] matches(following-sibling::text()[1], '^\w') or matches(preceding-sibling::text()[1], '\w$') There should be a space before and one after the element placeName

Attibutes list

attribute ref

attribute type

This is a list of allowed values

value definition
Example 1

Example from LOC6538Aydam

                            <place type="region">
Example 2

Example from LIT1252Confes

                            <placeName ref="LOC3010Ethiop">ኢትዮጵያ፡</placeName>

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