TEI guidelines element seg

Schema specification

<seg> in <handNote> should always have a type with one of the allowed values. It can be typed as interpretation in other places where it is allowed. Beta maṣāḥǝft Guidelines

context rule report
tei:ab[ancestor::tei:handNote] not(@type or @subtype) seg in handNote should always have a type

Attibutes list

attribute type

This is a closed list of allowed values

value definition
Example 1

Example from ESdz024

                            <handNote xml:id="h1" script="Ethiopic">
                                <seg type="script">Careful</seg>
                                <seg type="ink">Black; red.</seg>
                                <date>late 19th - early 20th cent.</date>
                                <seg type="rubrication">Nomina sacra; incipits and headings of the
                                    texts; number of the chapters and the word mǝʿrāf; elements of
                                    the punctuation signs and numerals; on the incipit page of each
                                    Gospel, a few lines are rubricated (in groups of two lines,
                                    alternating with black lines).</seg>
Example 2

Example from LIT5019MonumentumAdulitanum2

                            <seg type="interpretation" n="1" ana="#Huntingford"></seg>
Example 3

Example from RIE193II

                            <handNote xml:id="h1" script="Ethiopic">
                                <seg type="script">partially vocalized Ethiopic script</seg>

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