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Schema specification

The generic element is used with specific meaning in <list> inside <collation> and <additions> with the additional use of a semantic value for the xml:id some special values for the type are provided to be used only when the ancestor is <collation>. Beta maṣāḥǝft Guidelines

context rule report
tei:item[ancestor::tei:collation] not(@xml:id) items in collation must have an @xml:id
tei:item[ancestor::tei:collation] not(matches(@xml:id,'q\d+')) Items in Collation must have ids starting with the letter 'q' followed by a progressive number, e.g. q1, q2, q3
tei:item[ancestor::tei:collation] not(child::tei:dim) child::tei:dim[not(matches(.,'\d+'))] Please always add a dim element inside your quire descriptionsDimensions of quire should be given as integers.
tei:item[ancestor::tei:additions] not(@xml:id) items in additions must have an @xml:id
tei:item[ancestor::tei:additions] not(matches(@xml:id,'a\d+') or matches(@xml:id,'e\d+')) Additions must have ids starting with the letter 'a' followed by a progressive number, e.g. a1, a2, a3. In case of other contents (varia) use an id starting with 'e.
tei:item[ancestor::tei:additions] tei:desc/tei:locus[@facs] The locus of the addition should be child of the item, not of desc. Please move it outside of the desc element, just before it for exemple.

Attibutes list

attribute rend

This is a open list of allowed values

value definition
Example 1

Example from EMIP00155

                            <item xml:id="q5" n="5">
                                <dim unit="leaf">8</dim>
                                <locus from="35" to="42"></locus>
                                Quire 5
Example 2

Example from BAVet1

                            <item xml:id="a1">
                                <desc type="Supplication"></desc>
                                <q xml:lang="ar">
                                    اذكر يا رب عبدك الخاطي المسكين قسيس غبريال المصري قاصد البطرك الاسكندراني وراهب دير العذرى مريم جبل الطير واذكر يا رب كاللذين يذكرنا من الابهات الحبش
                                <q xml:lang="en">
                                    Remember, o my Lord, your servant, the poor sinner priest Ġabriyāl the Egyptian, delegate of the Alexandrine patriarch and monk of the Monastery of the Virgin Mary of Ǧabal al-Ṭayr; and remember, o Lord, those who will commemorate us amongst the Ethiopian fathers
                                    The note is written in Arabic on the front board on its inner side. It was drawn up by the Egyptian priest
                                    <persName ref="PRS10777Gabriyal">Ġabriyāl</persName>

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