Links to Digital Copies of Manuscripts

A link to a digital copy of a manuscript can be added to the main identifier by adding in the <idno> descendant of the main <msDesc> a @facs attribute:

               <idno facs="">BnF Éthiopien 14</idno>   

Example 1

for example, as in BnF Éthiopien 14.

In <locus>, add @facs together with the other attributes, containing only the reference to the first page in the range indicated exactly as it appears in the URL for that page (so, not the folio number!).

    <locus target="#30v" facs="f62"></locus>
    <locus target="#64v #65v #110r" facs="f134 f136 f225"></locus>
    <locus from="31" to="33" facs="f62"></locus>
    <locus from="31" facs="f62"></locus>

Example 2

You can also add the exact link to a page in a @facs in each <pb> inside the transcription of the manuscript.

Links to images hosted on our server

Links to images hosted on our server in the additional disks should use the relevant part of the path, i.e. BMQ/003/BMQM-003 for example. If the number of the photos are separated with two underscores, then "KAE/011/KAE-011_", see for example KAE-011:

<repository ref="INS0234KAE"></repository>
<idno facs="KAE/011/KAE-011_" n="66">KAE-011</idno>

Example 3

@n in the example above is the total number of images and it is a fundamental information to produce the links and the IIIF presentation manifest used by the viewer.

Links to the Vatican Libaray

Links to the images of the Vatican Library MSS are now supported, by adding in the <idno> @facs the manifest.json URL which can be found in the digivatlib on the left info page, e.g.

To add the link to a <locus>, add @facs attributes. Please do not forget that the folio number (in the following example 3r) does not necessarily corresponds to the URL number (here 0006).

<msItem xml:id="ms_i1.1.1">
<locus target="#3r" facs="0006"></locus>
<title type="complete">Maqdǝma wangel (Introduction to the Gospels)</title>

Example 4

Link to images not accessible via IIIF

Some Manuscripts have images published which are not accessible via IIIF, please add in these cases add <TEI>, between <teiHeader> and <text>, a <facsimile> element:

        <graphic url="[mets]"></graphic>

Example 5

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