TEI guidelines element persName

Schema specification

We enforce the consistent identification of all persons tagged. hence the ref attribute must always be there if you use this element. A rule is present to try and avoid extra spaces. Optionally a role can be added to specify the role which this person performs in the context. Note this is NOT the same thing as tagging a <roleName> inside the persName. for use in person records, a list of values for type is also provided. Beta maṣāḥǝft Guidelines

context rule report
tei:persName[ancestor::tei:TEI[@type='mss' or @type='place' or @type='ins' or @type='work']][not(parent::tei:respStmt)] not(@ref) not(matches(@ref, 'PRS\d+\w+') or matches(@ref, 'ETH\d+\w+') or matches(@ref, 'Q\d+') or matches(@ref, '^[A-Za-z]{2,3}$')) A persName in a mss, place or work description should always contain an attribute @ref pointing to the relevant recordThe person ID you have entered is wrong. Persons IDs must match the pattern PRS\d+\w+ or ETH\d+\w+ or Q\d+ or be one of the two/three letters abbreviations used by editors.
tei:persName[not(text())][not(parent::tei:person)] matches(following-sibling::text()[1], '^\w') or matches(preceding-sibling::text()[1], '\w$') There should be a space before and one after the element persName

Attibutes list

attribute ref

attribute role

This is a closed list of allowed values

value definition
illustrator the illustrator of the manuscript
scribe the copyist of the manuscript
donor the person who donated the manuscript
bequeather the person who donated the manuscript, tipically to a library
author the author of a work
translator the translator of a work
binder manuscript binder
parchmentMaker parchment maker
owner the owner of a ms or an item
patron the commissioner of a ms or an item
tabot the saint to whom the tabot is dedicated
sponsor the person paying for a ms (possibly not the same as donor/commissioner)

attribute type

This is a list of allowed values

value definition
normalized the normalized transcription of the name in fidal or another script
given name received later in life, different from the other specified types of names
birth name given at birth
baptismal name given at baptism
regnal name given on coronation (kings and queens but also patriarchs)
monastic name given on entering monastic life
horse the name of the battle horse of kings and rulers
nick a name given to a person associated to his occupation or other deeds
war nom de guerre (if different from horse name, e.g. Malas)
hypocoristic short form (diminutive or abbreviated, e.g. Taklo for Takla Māryām)
patronymic father's name, esp. for eventual Russian names, but could be also highlighted in others
alt alternative name
Example 1

Example from PRS5326hezbaAs

                            <persName xml:lang="gez" xml:id="n1" type="birth">ሕይበ፡ አስገድ፡</persName>
Example 2

Example from IVefiopsk15

                            <persName ref="PRS11770Savvaitov" role="bequeather"></persName>

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