TEI can express very precisely where the uncertainty about a certain information provided is using the element certainty.

        <title type="complete" ref="LIT1716Kidanz"><certainty locus="value" match="../@type" cert="low"></certainty></title>

Example 1

instead of

        <title type="complete" cert="low" ref="LIT1716Kidanz"></title>

Example 2

will express that the uncertainty is about the completeness of the work referenced, not about the work generally. Please refer to the TEI guidelines for further guidance and examples of how to use this element. Note that an alternative for the aspect of the markup in question can be given in @assertedValue:

        <persName ref="PRS11436Cyriacus" role="owner"><certainty locus="value" match="../@role" assertedValue="other" cert="low"></certainty></persName>

Example 3

TEI guidelines element certainty

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