We use @type to specify which kind of measurements are recorded in <extent>. The main measurement taken into consideration is marked with outer, but you can have leaf or binding depending on what data you have.

TEI guidelines element dimensions

Schema specification

A rule enforces for computation purposes the use of full stop instead of commas in the numeric values for dimensions Beta maṣāḥǝft Guidelines

context rule report
tei:dimensions/tei:* contains(.,',') please, make sure you use a dot for decimal notation like in 13.5, not a comma 13,5

Attibutes list

attribute rend

This attribute can have a maximum of 6 values separated by a space.

This is a semi list of allowed values

value definition
Example 1

Example from FSUffhludolfII22

                                <measure unit="page">436</measure>
                                <dimensions type="outer" unit="cm">

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