Any manuscripts referenced in our records should have at least a minimal record. To create such a minimal record for referencing use the form to create new items in the Beta maṣāḥǝft website.

Manuscript Structure: Use of msDesc, msPart and msFrag

Reading of the TEI guidelines for manuscript description is highly recommended. Regarding the structure of simple and composite manuscripts, they also state in Manuscript Parts

Since each component of such a composite manuscript will in all likelihood have its own content, physical description, history, and so on, the structure of msPart is in the main identical to that of msDesc, allowing one to retain the top level of identity (msIdentifier), but to branch out thereafter into as many parts, or even subparts, as necessary.

This means that for manuscripts made of only one part we will use only <msDesc>, but in any case where a structure in codicological units occurs we will use <msPart>. <msPart> can contain other <msPart>s. <msFrag> can be used when there are at least two parts of one manuscript kept in different repositories and in our schema this is allowed also beside <msPart> for special cases like BNFet45.

As for issue 368 we have decided to use <msFrag> and <msPart> as follows in cases where leaves or quires have been moved. The Ms containing currently the unit, will have a <msPart> with it, with an appropriate description and pointer to the manuscript where the unit comes from. The Ms which has lost a unit will instead have a <msFrag> pointing to the Ms where the unit is now. Please, do not confuse this with cases where leaves or quires are lost.

Manuscript Encoding: Overview

  1. General structure of the Manuscript record
  2. Structure of the Identifiers in a Manuscript record
  3. Description of the Manuscript
  4. Text encoding
  5. Images
  6. Inscriptions
  7. Letters

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