Hands Description

<handDesc> can contain as many <handNote>s as you wish.

        <handNote script="Ethiopic" xml:id="h1" corresp="#p1.2 #p1.3 #a4">
            <seg type="script"> 15th Century square script?</seg>
            <seg type="ink">Black, red</seg>
            <seg type="rubrication">nomina sacra</seg>
            <persName role="scribe" ref="PRS1691Alib"></persName>
            <date>Mid 15th - mid 15th-cent.</date>
            <desc>Regular, by a well-trained hand</desc>

Example 1

Give an @xml:id to each handNote to be able to refer to it in other parts of the record. You can also use @corresp to point to <msPart>s, <msItem>s or <addition>s in which this hand is used. @script should take one of the values in the Writing Systems Taxonomy proposed from the schema. You can always add a <locus> within <handNote> to determine where the hand is used. This can overlap with the corresponding parts without any problem.

Inside <handNote> you can also list abbreviations, using <abbr> and <expan> inside <list type="abbreviations">:

        <list type="abbreviations">
                <abbr>ፍ፡</abbr> for <expan>ፍቱሐ፡</expan> (e.g., <locus target="#36ra #36vb #39ra"></locus>)
                <abbr>ይ፡ ሕ፡</abbr> for <expan>ይበል፡ ሕዝብ፡</expan> (e.g., <locus target="#40va"></locus>)


Example 2

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