Narrative Units

Narrative Units

The model file for a Narrative Unit is much simpler than a work file. Just assign a title to your file and add in the <body> a short description. You can mark up content as in any other entity. Recommended but not compulsory are a bibliography and a <listRelation>.

Narrative units can also be created for text portions (paragraphs, chapters, miracles, etc.) which are extant as different versions in multiple recensions of the same work or even in different works. Creating these narrative units allows displaying in the app all the existing interrelated versions of that text. See, e.g., NAR0013pelican, i.e., the chapter on the pelican in the Physiologus. Once a single narrative unit ID is provided as <div> with @corresp in correspondence of the text edition in the Work records of the different recensions (e.g., <div type="textpart" subtype="chapter" xml:id="ch4" n="4" corresp="NAR0013pelican">), all the existing versions of that narrative unit will be visualized in the app by clicking the Versions button in the Text page of the work record.

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