Remember, in contents put spaces only where you really want them. As much as you want.

This following WRONG encoding

<roleName type="title">ʾaṣe</roleName>Galāwdewos 

Example 1

will always return this result


if you want the space between ʾaṣe and Galāwdewos or any other two words, please, remember to have it (there is a rule for this particular case, see <roleName>, but not always!). On the other side, the following two are equal in XML

<roleName type="title">ʾaṣe</roleName>                   Galāwdewos

Example 2

<roleName type="title">ʾaṣe</roleName>


Example 3

Similarily, spaces in elements, attributes and values where they do not belong are wrong, even if not marked as an error by the schema:

<persName xml:lang="gez " xml:id="n1">ባይሞት፡</persName>

Example 4

<xml:lang="gez "> is wrong!

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