TEI guidelines element gap

Schema specification

This was initially inherited from the EpiDoc schema version 8.21. Beta maṣāḥǝft Guidelines

Attibutes list

attribute reason

This is a closed list of allowed values

value definition
lost used to indicate a material loss or a portion of text that is to be hypothesized for material reasons ("it was there!"), but which is lost for loss of the material
illegible a sign, pointing to the place where the text should be added
omitted Words or lines skipped in omitted by the editor in transcription
ellipsis Text omitted from the edition by the editor, for whatever reason (brevity, context, language, etc.)
Example 1

Example from DW03

                            <incipit xml:lang="gez">
                                <locus target="#197ra"></locus>
                                <hi rend="rubric">አመ፡ ፳ወ፭ለተሙዝ፡ <gap reason="lost"></gap> በዕብብራውያን፡
                                    በስመ፡ እግዚአብሔር፡ ልዑል፡ ብሑ</hi>ተ፡ ህሉና፡ ወስልጣን። ዝንቱ፡ ወርኃ፡ ነሓሲ፡
                                ወውእቱ፡ ፲ወ፪እምኆልቈ፡ አውራኅ<hi rend="rubric">፨</hi></incipit>
Example 2

Example from ESmr004

                            በስመ፡ <gap reason="omitted" extent="unknown"></gap> ወይትመጦ፡

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