Editing the Schema

In the Schema repository there should be five files and the README.md

The .xml files are the ODD (One Document Does it all) and the .rng are the actual RelaxNG schema files used for validation.

To update the schema start always from the ODD (tei-betamesaheft.xml).

There is very good tutorial to edit ODD (One Document Does it all) among the TEI resources.

In most cases, you will be simply adding a value to an existing list. But to add rules it is safer to ask somebody who has done it.

Please, try to discuss any schema update in a issue before editing the schema.

After editing the ODD, use the Oxygen transformation for TEI ODD to RelaxNG which is already available in the software and will save a .rng file in a "out" directory relative to the place where your schema is stored. You can also do the same using the TEI Roma web application.

Before committing the edited schema, test it locally validating a file against that new version of the rng schema.

Move then the new version in the main schema repository (not in the out subdirectory) and commit it. This will update the schema used by all the applications.

If you are not sure of what you are doing please ask.

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