TEI guidelines element objectDesc

Schema specification

Use one of the values provided for form. Additionally you can add a ref to point to the Eagle Vocabularies, especially if the material can be specified further.Beta maṣāḥǝft Guidelines

context rule report
tei:msDesc (//tei:objectDesc)[1][not(@form)] At least the first objectDesc of msDesc must have attribute form specified.

Attibutes list

attribute form

This is a closed list of allowed values

value definition
Codex manuscript format consisting of quires bound together to the spine, in their turn made up of a variable number of leaves sewn together and protected by two hard boards.
Scroll manuscript format consisting of one continuous flow of writing material rolled up, generally around one or two wooden cylindrical supports.
Leporello manuscript format consisting of one leaf assembled in a multiple zig-zag folding, resembling an accordion, and generally enclosed between two hard boards.
Leaf manuscript format consisting of one single unbound sheet.
Other other manuscript formats.
Book A printed book.
Photograph A photograph.
Inscription An inscribed object different from a codex, scroll or leaf
Notebook An object consisting of an industrially produced paperblock in the form of a notebook.
Example 1

Example from BLorient636

                            <objectDesc form="Codex">

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