TEI guidelines element listRelation

Schema specification

<listRelation> is needed everywhere to encoders which want to keep relevant relation statements close to the part of the file they refer to. This does not prevent beeing able to have one <listRelation> only with all relations in it. Beta maṣāḥǝft Guidelines


                        <memberOf key=""></memberOf>
Example 1

Example from RIE185and270

                                    <origPlace> It was seen by the DAE in a private house in
                                            <placeName ref="LOC1310Aksum"></placeName>
                                    <origDate notBefore="0300" notAfter="0400"></origDate>
                                        <relation name="saws:isDirectCopyOf" active="RIE185bisand270bis" passive="RIE185and270">
                                            <desc>There are two sets of the so-called
                                                ‘pseudo-trilingual’ royal inscriptions, RIÉ nos 185
                                                and 270, which correspond to two sets of three
                                                parallel texts each, respectively in Ethiopic in
                                                South Arabian script (RIÉ nos 185 I and 185bis I),
                                                in Ethiopic in Ethiopic non-vocalized script (RIÉ
                                                nos 185 II and 185bis II), and in Greek language and
                                                script (RIÉ nos 270 and 270bis)</desc>

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