TEI guidelines element citedRange

Schema specification

The rules try to avoid the use of from and to in <citedRange> and the use this as empty element. The list of allowed values for unit in <citedRange> is given. Beta maṣāḥǝft Guidelines

context rule report
tei:citedRange @from or @to Please, don't use @from and @to in citedRange, write the range into the element
tei:citedRange not(text()) An Empty citedRange is not allowed, remove it if you don't need it or please enter the page range, unit number according to need and use @unit to specifiy the type of range. Multiple citedRange are allowed.

Attibutes list

attribute unit

This is a open list of allowed values

value definition
page page
chapter chapter
column column
issue issue
line line
part part
volume volume
item item number
fol folio
note numbered note (footnote, sidenote, endnote)
Example 1

Example from BAVet23

                                <ptr target="bm:Petrus1548Test"></ptr>
                                <citedRange unit="fol">133-157</citedRange>
The book referred to is foliated and not paginated.

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