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TEI guidelines element locus

Schema specification

locus must have placement attributes, either target or to and fromBeta maṣāḥǝft Guidelines


                        <macroRef key="macro.xtext"></macroRef>

                            <classRef key="tei_model.certLike" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded"></classRef>

context rule report
tei:locus not(@target or @from or @to) not(starts-with(@target, '#')) ancestor::tei:div[@type='edition'] locus must have either an exact reference to a page with @target or a range indicated with @from and @to or either of the two if the other extreme of the range is unknown. Please do not use "unknown" as value.References to foliation and columns in @target, should use the #, e.g. #6r. The structuring elements used in a manuscript transcription are div, pb and cb. locus is used to point to values of these elements in the teiHeader.
Example 1

Example from BLorient645

        <locus from="4va" to="4vb"></locus>
Example 2

Example from BLorient636

                            <locus target="#6r"></locus>

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