State and Certainty

If the place does not exist any more, then you need to specify when it existed with a state element

<state type="existence" from="0410" to="0605">
        <certainty locus="value" match="@from" notAfter="0410"></certainty>
        <certainty locus="value" match="@to" notBefore="0605"></certainty>

Example 1

The following is also perfectly fine, and perhaps preferable, stating without further precision that the place is attested in one of the main periodizations, in this example Aksumite

<state type="existence" ref="Aks"></state>

Example 2

the ref points to an Authority list file Aks.xml which contains the permalink to the PeriodO definition, in this case

if this is an attested place only in one source, note down that as well in @source or in a <desc> or <note>. In the example below, we found in Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography the passage in Ptolemy where the port of the Adulitae is mentioned and we have added a note about it linking to the <bibl> element as its source. The <note> has also a @cRef to point to the exact passage in perseus.


<bibl xml:id="Smith">
               <ptr target="bm:SmithGreekRomanGeo"></ptr>
               <citedRange unit="item">s.v. Adu&apos;le or Adu&apos;lis</citedRange>

               <note source="#Smith"><ref cRef="">Ptolemy 4.7.8</ref></note>

Example 3

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