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Schema specification

Encoders might add up to six values for the attribute evidence in <creation>. In the element <creation> we often want to add bibliography in the form of a single citation or a full bibliography. Beta maṣāḥǝft Guidelines


                        <alternate minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded">
                            <classRef key="model.limitedPhrase"></classRef>
                            <elementRef key="listChange"></elementRef>
                            <elementRef key="listBibl"></elementRef>
                            <elementRef key="bibl"></elementRef>

Attibutes list

attribute evidence

This attribute can have a maximum of 6 values separated by a space.
Example 1

Example from LIT2461Testam

                            <creation notBefore="0500" corresp="#t5greek">The work, one of the last
                                products of the pseudo-apostolic literature, was originally composed
                                in Greek in the 5th cent. The almost totally lost <ref target="#t5greek">Greek original</ref> is attested by three
                                integral versions in <ref target="#t4syriac">Syriac</ref>, <ref target="#t3arabic">Arabic</ref>, and Gǝʿǝz, plus a few Latin and
                                Georgian fragments, and the widely attested Coptic version of the
                                Mystagogy. See <bibl>
                                    <ptr target="bm:Bausi2010TestDom"></ptr>
                                </bibl>. </creation>
Example 2

Example from LIT2170Peripl

                            <creation notBefore="0040" notAfter="0070" evidence="internal"><ref cRef="urn:cts:greekLit:tlg0071.tlg001:19">Periplus

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