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Washing of the Feet

A miniature showing Jesus Christ in the act of washing Peter 's feet.


Heldman, M. E. 1972. Miniatures of the Gospels of Princess Zir Gānēlā, an Ethiopic Manuscript Dated A.D. 1400/01 Saint Luis, Missouri: Washington University (1972). Gnisci, J. 2015. ‘The Liturgical Character of Ethiopian Gospel Illumination of the Early Solomonic Period: A Brief Note on the Iconography of the Washing of the Feet in Late Thirteenth- to Early Fifteenth-Century Ethiopian Art’, in R. Zarzeczny, ed., Aethiopia Fortitudo ejus: Studi in onore di Monsignor Osvaldo Raineri in occasione del suo 80° compleanno, Orientalia Christiana Analecta, 298 (Roma: Pontificio Istituto Orientale, 2015), 253–275.

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