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Massacre of the Innocents

A miniature showing the infanticide ordered by Herod , who often appears in the act of instructing his soldiers.


Balicka-Witakowska, E. 1992. ‘Les sources iconographiques des représentations éthiopiennes du Massacre des Innocents’, in P. O. Scholz, ed., Orbis Aethiopicus. Studia in honorem Stanislaus Chojnacki natali septuagesimo quinto dicata, septuagesimo septimo oblata, II, Bibliotheca nubica, 3 (Albstadt: Karl Schuler Publishing, 1992), 267–291. Lepage, C. and J. Mercier 2011–2012. ‘Un tétraévangile illustré éthiopien à cycle long du XVe siècle. Codicologie et iconographie’, Cahiers Archéologiques, 54 (2011–2012), 99–174.

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