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There are 15 resources that contain the exact keyword: zone
id title type
LOC6572SouthWallo Dabub Wallo place
LOC6574NorthSawa North Šawā Zone place
LOC6573NorthWallo Samen Wallo place
LOC6577WestGondar West Gondar Zone place
LOC6575SouthGondar South Gondar Zone place
LOC6544NorthGondar Samen Gondar place
LOC6555CentralTegray Māʿǝkalāy Tǝgrāy place
LOC6543SouthOmo Dabub ʾOmo place
LOC6576WestGogg West Goǧǧām Zone place
LOC3988Kamasi Kamaši place
LOC6583WestTegray Mǝʿrābāwi Tǝgrāy place
LOC1224Afdar Afdär place
LOC1240AgawAw Agäw-Awi place
LOC1963Booran Boorana place
LOC5660Selte Sǝlṭe place
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