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Three Hebrews

A Miniature showing the Three Youths in the Furnace thrown into a fiery furnace. The miniature generally includes the angel, Gabriel, who protects them from the flames. The miniature may also feature Nǝḇūḵaḏneṣṣar and his guards. From the seventeenth-century the episode may be divided into several scenes. The main typologies attested in the Ethiopian tradition are: Type 1 The Angel stands behind the youths Type 2 The Angel stands to the side of the youths


Chojnacki, S. 1991. ‘Les trois hébreux dans la fournaise: une enquête iconographique dans la peinture éthiopienne’, Rassegna di Studi Etiopici, 35 (1991), 13–40.

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