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Pattern A4

Link-stitch sewing on four sewing stations, i.e. on two pairs of sewing stations. Pattern A6 is a variant. Two threads are used. From the outer face of the board the thread enters in the holes of two adjacent sewing stations, then it enters in the first quire, where the two ends of the thread pass each other and exit from the centrefold. The thread returns in the board, make a loop and enters in the second quire continuing the sewing. Thus, inside the centrefold of the first quire, for each pair of sewing station,two long stitches and no knots are visible. Inside the centrefold of the last quire, for each pair of sewing station,there are three long stitches, one of them with a knot.


Bozzacchi, G. 2001. ‘La legatura etiopica’, I Beni Culturali. Tutela e valorizzazione, 9/4-5 (2001), 47–54.

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