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This is a closed list of allowed values

value definition
foundation to be used for places and institutions
DonationNote note stating that the manuscript has been donated to an individual or to an institution.
OwnershipNote note stating the book belongs to an individual or to an institution.
PurchaseNote note stating that the book has been purchased for money by an individual or an institution.
AcquisitionNote note stating that the manuscript has been generically acquired by an individual or an institution. Similar to “PurchaseNote”.
ReceiptNote note written down as a receipt of a transaction of goods.
Admonition note admonishing individuals to a righteous behavior. See also “Exhortation”.
LandGrant note stating the concession of lands by an authority in favor of individuals or typically of institutions.
FoundationCharter act of foundation of an institution.
Genealogy note containing the spiritual genealogy of the leader of the community or an institution, or the family members of an individual.
ScribalSignature scribe’s signature.
Supplication entreat to God for help, written down in a later hand.
Subscription note added at the end of the main text concerning its completion.
Doxology hymn or praise to God or other entities.
Exhortation note addressed to the brethren in order to commemorate a saint, to celebrate a given feast or for educational purposes.
Invocation invocation against those who stole or erased the book or against other individuals. Not very different from “Condemnation”.
Inventory list of books or items held by the individual or the institution.
TransactionNote note stating a transaction of goods between individuals or institutions.
ScribalNoteCommencing scribe’s note on commencing the work
ScribalNoteOrdering scribe’s note on ordering of the copying
ScribalNoteCommissioning scribe’s note on commissioning of the writing
ScribalNoteCompleting scribe’s note on completing the writing
ScribalNoteAssigningLand scribe’s note on assigning of land.
ScribalNoteBequeathing scribe’s note on bequeathing.
RecordReconciliation documentary record concerning a reconciliation.
RecordLitigation documentary record concerning a litigation.
RecordTransaction documentary record concerning a transaction of goods.
RecordDistribution documentary record concerning the distribution of goods or lands.
RecordGuarantors documentary record concerning the guarantors of a transaction or a loan.
Record generic note of a documentary, official character.
ScribalSupplication scribe’s entreat to God.
Unclear note whose content is hardly understandable.
GuarantorsList list of the guarantors of transaction or a loan.
CommemorativeNote commemorative notice on a saint. Mainly taken from the Synaxarion.
Condemnation note condemning those who stole the book or erased it.
ProtectivePrayer prayer to be read or carried along for protective purposes.
Poem note containing a generic poetic text. See “PoemArke”, “PoemQene”, “PoemSalam”.
PoemQene rhymed composition fulfilling the requirements of the Qəne-hymn.
PoemSalam short rhymed poem beginning with the words “salām (ʾəbəl) la-”.
PoemArke five-line rhymed poem.
StampExlibris stamp affixed by the owning institution, e.g., a library.
CalendaricNote note for calculating the moveable feasts and for other calendrical computes.
Excerpt fragment of a literary work added at a later stage to a manuscript. See also “GuestText”.
Letter communication formally addressed to an individual or an institution.
MagicFormula set form of words to be recited or carried along for healing and protecting.
MagicText elaborate note to be recited or carried along for healing and protecting.
Comment note added at a later stage in order to comment word or passages of the main text. See also “Gloss”.
Correction note added at a later stage in order to correct words or passages of the main text.
Gloss note added at a later stage in order to interpret or explain words or passages of the main text. See also “Comment”.
Excommunication note excommunicating an individual from a religious community, e.g., a monastery.
GuestText a complete work, provided with its own ID, added later to a manuscript.
MalkeHymn Malkǝʾ Hymn

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