Once you have your XML file nice and complete and you have validated it and all is green light, you might wish to test what you have done and see without tags. We have a test html view which you can use for this. it can be useful to check for white spaces, for information missing of mis typed, etc. This assumes you have set up you machine to have all the project repos in one folder called BetMes as described in the github setup and that you have checked out and updated you ScAthiop repo.

Here is what you need to do to set up the transformation

  1. Open in oXygen the file you want to see in html

  2. Click the little tool icon on the top which says Configure Transformation scenario

  3. The following window will appear

  4. Now click on NEW and select "XML Transformation with XSLT"

  5. First thing, select from the Transformer menu the highest version of SAXON available

  6. Now name your preview transformation

  7. You need now to tell oXygen where to find the XSLT to start the transformation. Click on the browse icon and navigate into your local ScAthiop repo

  8. You will find there a preview folder with several xslt files, select only <preview.xslt>

  9. You should be back to the previous window, then click the Output tab on top and lets set where the results of your transformation will be saved.

  10. there is a folder prepared for your output. Please, save it there to avoid confusion in other folders. It is always in ScAthiop/preview/html

  11. leave a random name, we will then change it.

  12. once you have selected the folder and given a mock name, we will substitute that name with a function which will give the same name as your original file. click on the little green arrow pointing down and select ${cfn} current file name. We want to change the extension, so, after entering that type <.html>

  13. I would suggest also to open directly in your browser the saved file, ticking the option right there.

  14. All set! Apply and enjoy!


  • if oXygen says the file ended prematurely, it is highly likely that something is wrong with your pointers to Zotero, as this is the only live api call being done.

  • To correctly see bibliography citations and maps you need to be online when you transform.

  • There are a series of tests embedded in this transformation, to help check your contents. For example if a person ID does not exist, you will see a bold red sentence telling you about it. Fix the issue and the transform will be fine.

  • The Transformation will first check the type of file and will return a slightly different view for each different entity type. Note that THE HTML IS SCHOOL BASIC as this serves only the purpose of testing contents.


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