This is used for any other information related to the manuscript, such as bibliographic references. Especially important is the <listBibl type="catalogue"> which contains the main catalogue references on which the record is based. This information is also retrieved for the catalogue view.

<additional> <adminInfo> <recordHist> <source> <listBibl type="catalogue"> <bibl> <ptr target="bm:GrebTiss1935Codices"></ptr> <citedRange unit="page">317-320</citedRange> </bibl> </listBibl> <listBibl type="secondary"> <bibl> <ptr target="bm:Grebaut1912Delorme"></ptr> <citedRange unit="page">128-132</citedRange> </bibl> </listBibl> </recordHist> </adminInfo> </additional>

For custodial history events use <custEvent> with @subtype with one of the suggested values from the corresponding taxonomy.

<custodialHist> <custEvent type="restorations" subtype="none"></custEvent> </custodialHist>

In <surrogates>, for example microfilms or photographs can be recorded.

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