General Structure of Work Records

Basic Structure of Work Records

Each work record should contain basic information on the work in question in the <teiHeader>.

The <body> contains bibliographic references, relations and the edition of the work if available.

The basic structure of a work record will therefore be:

  1. <teiHeader>, containing:
    1. <titleStmt> with titles of the work in all relevant languages and traditions
    2. <publicationStmt> with the publication statement of the record
    3. <profileDesc>: Contains <abstract>with a concise description of the work; <textClass> with keywords which enable filtering the app for subjects and other criteria and <langUsage> with definitions of all languages used in the record.
  2. <body>, containing:
    1. <div type='bibliography'>: Bibliographic references on secondary literature, editions and translations as well as relations
    2. and <div type='edition'>: Division of the work into parts and possibly text edition

  1. Description and other data
  2. Text

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