<locus> element can be used almost everywhere to indicate the physical location of an item. It contains always the two attributes @from and <to>. Please do not use other numbering systems or spaces within these attributes.

When a line number is given, use:

  • in case of an exact locus, line indicated by @n: <locus target="#1v" n="1"/>

  • in case of a range, lines indicated as a content :

    <locus from="1v" to="2ra">the text begins on 1v in line 1 and ends on 2ra in line 6 </locus> OR with two <locus> elements: <locus from="134rb" n="11"> <locus to="135ra" n="28">

A list of individual references at page level (without line indication) can be given in a single <layout> with a @target

<locus target="#28v #33r #49r #50v #55v #82r #82v #83r #83v #84v #85r"></locus>

Please DO NOT use unknown as a value for any of these attributes. Simply do not enter the attribute if its value is not known.

<locus from="20r"></locus>

NOT <locus from="20r" to="unknown">

A manuscript's existing foliation should not be shifted - it is possible to point to folia not included in the foliation by assigning individual leave numbers. This will lead to the inability to calculate the foliation.

Two folios between <locus target="#66"></locus> and <locus target="#67"></locus>, <locus target="#66i"></locus> and <locus target="#66ii"></locus>, are so badly mutilated that only small corners - each not containing more than fragments of 4 letters - are preserved which have not been taken into account for the foliation of the manuscript.

Some Manuscripts are paginated instead of being foliated. You will have in such cases most probably to be consistent and provide inside <extent> a <measure unit="page">. This will then alter the behaviour of the visualization and use p. a pp. instead of f. and ff. . However, the values you MIGHT enter inside @from, @to or @target are still the foliation references, so, 1v, not 2, 2v, not 4.

The locus markup of a paginated manuscript will look like in the following example

<locus from="1ra" to="6vb">1-12</locus>

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