TEI guidelines element div

Schema specification

context rule report
tei:div[parent::tei:body] @type='textpart' the outermost div must always have an attribute type edition, bibliography, commentary, translation or apparatus; type textpart is to be used inside edition.

Attibutes list

attribute type

This is a closed list of allowed values

value definition
apparatus to contain apparatus criticus or textual notes
bibliography to contain bibliographical information, previous publications, etc.
commentary to contain all editorial commentary, historical/prosopographical discussion, etc.
edition to contain the text of the edition itself; may include multiple text-parts
textpart used to divide a div[type=edition] into multiple parts (fragments, columns, faces, etc.)
translation to contain a translation of the text into one or more modern languages

attribute subtype

This is a open list of allowed values

value definition
book this container is for a book and may contain chapters
chapter this container is for a chapter and may contain sections
stanza this container is for a stanza and may contain verses
incipit incipit of the text
explicit explicit of the text
canon to be used for canonical texts like LIT2688CanonsNicaea2

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