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tei:witness not(@corresp) contains(@corresp, 'bm:') witness must always contain a @corresp pointing to a project xml:id of a manuscript or to an external resource (in which case you need to add a @type="external")Please, don't point to bibliography items for witnesses as it is unlikely that the edition of the text is based on secondary literature. use @corresp to point to the id of a manuscript. If the record does not exist, consider creating it as a minimss using the provided models and guidelines. If you point to an external digital reproduction, use @facs and enter the permalink to the main view. You will still need to create a minimss if the record does not exist.
tei:witness[ancestor::tei:listBibl[@type='mss']][@type='external'] not(tei:ptr[@target]) bibl in a mss list of references with a @type="external" must contain a pointer with @target cointaing a full uri to the resource

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