Entities ID structure

IDs can contain no special characters, umlaut, underdots and other combining diacritics, only digits and latin characters!

Structure of record IDs

The following principles for the creation of new IDs should be followed for new records:

  • Manuscripts

    • BLadd100 (LIBRARY + collection + shelfmark)

    • BNFabb3 (LIBRARY + collection + shelfmark)

    • EMML2312

    • ESam002 (Ethio-Spare)

  • Works = LIT1001Homili (LIT + incremental number + first word of title)

  • Places = LOC2969Ensala (LOC + incremental number + first word of place name)

  • People = PRS1001AbbaTam (PRS + incremental number + first word of name)

  • Repositories = INS0030Addaqaharsi (INS + 4 digit number + initials or keyword)

  • Art Themes = AT1005Crucifixion (AT + incremental number + title of art theme)

The manuscript ID should be composed of:

  • The abbreviation of the repository holding the manuscript, as it is contained in the institution ID, written in capitals

  • The abbreviation of the collection to which the manuscript belongs

  • a numeral: BAVet1

The collection and the numeral should be given as they are in the current/most commonly used official shelfmark of the manuscript.

If the manuscript has not yet been catalogued and/or has no shelfmark, an ID has to created individually, following as much as possible the usual process:

  • The abbreviation of the repository holding the manuscript, as it is contained in the repository ID, written in capitals

  • If no more information is available, the ID can be created with a work contained in the manuscript and a numeral, such as: TMChronicle1

Structure of internal xml:ids

Element ID pattern
msPart p\d+[\.\d+]+
msItem p\d+[\.\d+]+_i\d+[\.\d+]+
binding decoNote b\d+
decoNote d\d+
addition a\d+
extra e\d+
quire q\d+
foliation unit fol\d+
hand h\d+
title t\d+
name n\d+
edition ed\d+
transformation tr\d+
Uni\w+ (SdC) Uni\w+\d+ (SdC)

See also Identifiers Structure.

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