Entities ID structure

Structure of record IDs

The following principles for the creation of new IDs should be followed for new records:

  • Manuscripts

    • EMML2312

    • ESam002 (Ethio-Spare)

    • BLadd100 (British Library, fondo, numero)

    • BNFabb3 (Bibliotheque nationale de France, fondo, numero)

  • Works = LIT1001Homili (LIT + incremental number + first word of title)

  • Places = LOC2969Ensala (LOC + incremental number + first word of place name)

  • People = PRS1001AbbaTam (PRS + incremental number + first word of name)

  • Repositories = INS0030Addaqaharsi (INS + 4 digit number + initials or keyword)

  • Art Themes = AT1005Crucifixion (AT + incremental number + title of art theme)

The manuscript ID should be composed of:

  • The abbreviation of the repository holding the manuscript, as it is contained in the institution ID, written in capitals

  • The abbreviation of the collection to which the manuscript belongs

  • a numeral: BAVet1

The collection and the numeral should be given as they are in the current/most commonly used official shelfmark of the manuscript.

If the manuscript has not yet been catalogued and/or has no shelfmark, an ID has to created individually, following as much as possible the usual process:

  • The abbreviation of the repository holding the manuscript, as it is contained in the repository ID, written in capitals

  • If no more information is available, the ID can be created with a work contained in the manuscript and a numeral, such as: TMChronicle1

Structure of internal xml:ids

Element ID pattern
msPart p\d+[\.\d+]+
msItem p\d+[\.\d+]+_i\d+[\.\d+]+
binding decoNote b\d+
decoNote d\d+
addition a\d+
extra e\d+
quire q\d+
foliation unit fol\d+
hand h\d+
title t\d+
name n\d+
edition ed\d+
transformation tr\d+
Uni\w+ (SdC) Uni\w+\d+ (SdC)

See also Identifiers Structure.

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