Statements about persons

People in particDesc

Important people related to the manuscript can be listed in <particDesc> with a list of pointers to names with a specific @role in <persName>:

<particDesc> <listPerson> <person> <persName ref="PRS2232AubertR" role="donor"></persName> </person> <person> <persName ref="PRS2233Audon" role="scribe"></persName> </person> <person> <persName ref="PRS2233Audon" role="other"></persName> </person> </listPerson> </particDesc>

Here it is enough to enumerate the scribe, owner, donor and patron, not everyone mentioned in the manuscript, and only if they are not anywhere else. If this information has already been stated elswhere in the description - which is preferable - it doesn't need to be repeated here.

If a person has two roles, for example because he is both scribe and owner of a manuscript, the main @role can be encoded in the text where the person is mentioned:

ዝሰአታት፡ ዘ<persName ref="PRS11959Pawlos" role="scribe"> <roleName type="title">አቡነ፡</roleName> ጰውሎስ፡</persName> and the secondary role in <particDesc>: <particDesc> <listPerson> <person> <persName ref="PRS11959Pawlos" role="owner"></persName> </person> </listPerson> </particDesc>

You can also be more precise and assign a @corresp to the <persName> if for example a person has commissioned only a specific part.

<person> <persName role="patron" ref="PRS9170TaklaIy" corresp="#p1"></persName> </person>

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