Documentary Texts

Texts which are not literary works occur often in manuscripts as additions. That is way the list of types for this texts is in the Taxonomy under 'Additions'.

Please, make sure you encode correctly these texts according to their actual status in the manuscript.

If you want to provide an ID for a given text of this type, you can do so and create a Work record for it, where the same keywords used in <desc type> are added as keywords to the record.

You need not by any means to always assign an ID to each of these texts, they already have one within the manuscript they belong to, which is unique and precise enough and you can reference anywhere.

You might find more appropriate to associate a document to a narrative unit, if the formalization is such, using a @corresp in the addition <item> or in the <div>.

For meaningful groups of documents you can also use the document corpus grouping

In case your text is in an <additions> <item> and it is composed of different sections, you can use <seg> with @ana as specified in the above page.

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