Identifiers Structure


Each <msPart>, <msItem> and <msFrag> should have an @xml:id with a letter (respectively p, i or f) and a progressive number. For nested <msPart>s numeration should restart and use a full stop for the second level.

<msDesc xml:id="ms"> <msIdentifier> <repository ref="INS0030Addaqaharsi"></repository> <idno>MR-023</idno> </msIdentifier> <msPart xml:id="p1"> <msIdentifier> <idno></idno> </msIdentifier> <msContents></msContents> <msPart xml:id="p1.1"> <msIdentifier> <idno></idno> </msIdentifier> <msContents></msContents> </msPart> <msPart xml:id="p1.2"> <msIdentifier> <idno></idno> </msIdentifier> <msContents></msContents> </msPart> <msPart xml:id="p1.3"> <msIdentifier> <idno></idno> </msIdentifier> <msContents></msContents> </msPart> </msPart> <msPart xml:id="p2"> <msIdentifier> <idno></idno> </msIdentifier> </msPart> </msDesc>

<msItem>s will have an ID formed of the <msPart> or <msFrag>, underscore and the item ID, like p1.1_i1

<msPart xml:id="p1.1"> <msIdentifier> <idno> </idno> </msIdentifier> <msContents> <msItem xml:id="p1.1_i1"> <locus></locus> <title></title> <msItem xml:id="p1.1_i1.1"> <locus></locus> <title></title> </msItem> <msItem xml:id="p1.1_i1.2"> <locus></locus> <title></title> </msItem> </msItem> <msItem xml:id="p1.1_i2"> <locus></locus> <title></title> </msItem> </msContents> </msPart>

See also Entities ID Structure.

More than one identifier for a manuscript or a part of manuscript

If there are other possible identifiers, add them with the following elements inside <msIdentifier>

<msIdentifier> <repository ref="INS0317Frank"></repository> <idno>Frankfurt Ms. or. 133</idno> <altIdentifier> <idno>Goldschmidt 3</idno> </altIdentifier> <altIdentifier> <idno>Rüpp. II, 3</idno> </altIdentifier> </msIdentifier>

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