Specific encoding for repositories/institutions

For repositories where manuscripts are preserved all general guidelines and especially those for places are valid, and some additional information is required. Please, note in the example below the @subtype with institution.

<listPlace> <place type="church dabr" subtype="institution"> <placeName xml:id="n1" xml:lang="gez">ዓደቃሐርሲ፡ ጰራቅሊጦስ፡</placeName> <placeName corresp="#n1" xml:lang="gez" type="normalized">ʿĀddaqāḥarsi Ṗarāqliṭos</placeName> <placeName type="alt" xml:id="n2">ዓደቃሐርሲ፡ መካነ፡ ህይወት፡ ጰራቅሊጦስ፡</placeName> <placeName type="normalized" corresp="#n2">ʿAddaqāḥarsi Makāna Hǝywat Ṗarāqliṭos</placeName> <country ref="LOC3010Ethiop"></country> <region notBefore="1991" type="RegionalState" ref="LOC5932Tegray"></region> <settlement ref="LOC3640GuloMa" type="warada" when="2010-05-03"></settlement> <settlement when="2010-05-03" ref="LOC6517Kesad" type="tabiya"></settlement> <settlement when="2010-05-03" ref="LOC6518BetaP" type="qushat"></settlement> <location> <geo>14.308833 39.378683</geo> <height unit="m">2437.0</height> </location> <note> <date type="foundation" notBefore="1400" notAfter="1500">1400-1500</date> <desc type="foundation">Existed aready in the pre-Christian time as the religious site of South Arabian migrants; the church was founded in a later period.</desc> <ab type="history">Dabr. A new large church is under construction outside of the compound of the old church, both standing on the rock outcrop (below is the river of <placeName type="river" ref="LOC6519Wafadabbo">Wafadabbo</placeName>). </ab> <ab type="tabot"> <measure quantity="8"></measure> Tābots (8): <persName ref="PRS5684JesusCh" type="tabot">Jesus</persName>, <persName ref="PRS10775Trinity" type="tabot">Trinity</persName>, <persName ref="PRS6819Mary" type="tabot">Mary</persName>, unidentified marble, <persName ref="PRS4377Gabriel" type="tabot">Gabriel</persName>, <persName ref="PRS10776Kidan" type="tabot">Kidāna Mǝḥrat</persName>, <persName ref="PRS7049Michael" type="tabot">Michael</persName>, <persName ref="PRS10774Paraq" type="tabot">Ṗarāqliṭos</persName>. The tābot of the local <persName ref="PRS10773SadeqP" type="tabot">Ṣādǝqān</persName> (Righteous Ones) was not mentioned, probably by mistake.</ab> <ab type="description">52 Mss. photographed: <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap001">AP-001</ref> "Missal"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap002">AP-002</ref> "Hymnary"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap003">AP-003</ref> "Four Gospels"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap004">AP-004</ref> "Missal"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap005">AP-005</ref> "Homily of John Chrysostomos"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap006">AP-006</ref> "Homily of St. Michael"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap007">AP-007</ref> "Vita of Gäbrä Mänfäs Qǝddus"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap008">AP-008</ref> "Pauline Epistles"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap009">AP-009</ref> "The Rite of the Holy Week"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap010">AP-010</ref> "Vita of Gäbrä Mänfäs Qǝddus"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap011">AP-011</ref> "Homily of St. Michael"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap012">AP-012</ref> "Absolution of the Son"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap013">AP-013</ref> "Absolution of the Son"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap014">AP-014</ref> "Synaxarion"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap015">AP-015</ref> "Synaxarion"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap016">AP-016</ref> "Acts of the Apostles"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap017">AP-017</ref> "Vita of Kiros"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap018">AP-018</ref> "Vita of Kiros"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap019">AP-019</ref> "Acts of the Martyrs of Päraqlitos"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap020">AP-020</ref> "Homily of the Sabbath"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap021">AP-021</ref> "The Book of the Baptismal Rite"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap022">AP-022</ref> "Acts of the Martyrs of Päraqlitos"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap023">AP-023</ref> "Vita of Gäbrä Mänfäs Qǝddus"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap024">AP-024</ref> "Prayer of Incense"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap025">AP-025</ref> "Prayer of Incense"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap026">AP-026</ref> "Synoptic Lectionary for the Year"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap027">AP-027</ref> "The Book of the Matrimony Rite"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap028">AP-028</ref> "Miracles of Mary"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap029">AP-029</ref> "Miracles of Mary"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap030">AP-030</ref> "Vita of Täklä Haymanot"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap031">AP-031</ref> "The Book of the Funeral Rite"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap032">AP-032</ref> "The Book of the Funeral Rite"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap033">AP-033</ref> "The Glory of the Kings"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap034">AP-034</ref> "Acts of the Martyrs of Päraqlitos"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap035">AP-035</ref> "Miracles of Mary"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap036">AP-036</ref> "Story of the Trinity"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap037">AP-037</ref> "Synoptic Lectionary for the Year"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap038">AP-038</ref> "Miracles of Jesus"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap039">AP-039</ref> "Book of ʾAsläṭi"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap040">AP-040</ref> "Collection of New Testament Readings"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap041">AP-041</ref> "Acts of the Apostles"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap042">AP-042</ref> "Homily of the Saviour of the World"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap043">AP-043</ref> "Vita of ʾArägawi"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap044">AP-044</ref> "Story of St. Mary"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap045">AP-045</ref> "Acts of the Martyrs of Päraqlitos"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap046">AP-046</ref> "Acts of the Martyrs of Päraqlitos"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap047">AP-047</ref> "Vita of Täklä Haymanot"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap048">AP-048</ref> "Vita of St. George"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap049">AP-049</ref> "fragments of several mss, including the poetry in honor of the Sadeqan."; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap050">AP-050</ref> "Acts of the Martyrs of Päraqlitos"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap063">AP-063</ref> "Collection of Hymns"; <ref type="mss" corresp="ESap064">AP-064</ref> "New Testaments Texts; Apocalypse of John".</ab> <ab type="appellations"> <list> <item></item> </list> </ab> </note> <listBibl type="secondary"> <bibl> <ptr target="bm:Nosnitsin2014Addaqaharsi"></ptr> </bibl> <bibl> <ptr target="bm:Nosnitsin2013Churches"></ptr> </bibl> </listBibl> </place> </listPlace>

See also Place or Institution.

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