TEI guidelines element TEI

Schema specification

context rule report
tei:TEI not(@type) Each record must have a type with one of the values suggested.

Attibutes list

attribute xml:id

For Manuscripts e.g. EMML2312 ES15 (Ethio-SPaRe) BLadd100 (British Library, fondo, numero) BNFabb3 (Bibliotheque nationale de France, fondo, numero) Works = LIT1001Homili (LIT + incremental number + first world of title) Places = LOC2969Ensala (LOC + incremental number + first world of place name) People = PRS1001AbbaTam (PRS + incremental number + first world of name) Institutions = INS0030Addaqaharsi (INS + 4 digit number + first world of name)

attribute type

This is a closed list of allowed values

value definition
mss Description of a Manuscript
pers Description of a Person
place Description of a generic place
ins Description of an institution where manuscripts are preserved
work Description of a recognizable literary or documentary work at any given granularity
nar Description of a Narrative Unit, independent of the Work or textual unit to which it is part. This includes document types, e.g. used to classify additiones to a manuscript.
auth Description of a concept used as authority list (faith, art element)

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