Lǝbna Dǝngǝl

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He died at Dabra Dāmmo (internal)


He succeeded his father King Nāʿod when he was 12 years old in 1508 (internal)


Lǝmna Dǝngǝl (n4) appears in ʾaṣe Galāwdewos ’s letter to the Roman Pope, Paul III (1534-1549), cp. Raineri 2003, 57.


  • birth: ልብነ፡ ድንግል፡gez (Incense of the Virginen, Lǝbna Dǝngǝlgez)
  • regnal: ወናግ፡ ሰገድ፡gez (The Lion has submitted to himen, Wanāg Sagadgez)
  • regnal: ዳዊት፡gez (Daviden, Dāwit II gez)
  • birth: ንብለ፡ ድንግል፡gez (Nǝbla Dǝngǝlgez)
  • birth: ልምነ፡ ድንግል፡ gez (Lǝmna Dǝngǝlgez)
  • ʾaṣe
  • Occupation

    Emperor (ruler)

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