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He died on 23 March 1559, in battle with Nūr b. Muǧāhīd . (internal)


Galāwdewos became emperor at the age of 18 in 1540. His reign was marked by a successful struggle against ʾAḥmad b. ʾIbrāhīm al-Ġāzī . (literature)


  • birth: ገላውዴዎስ፡gez ( Galāwdewosgez)
  • alt: ጌላውዴዎስ፡gez (Gelāwdewosgez)
  • አጽናፍ፡ ሰገድ፡gez (ʾAṣnāf Sagad)
  • ʾaṣe
  • Claudiusen
  • Occupation

    emperor (ruler)


    Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church



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