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There are 45 resources that contain the exact keyword: Pseudoepigrapha
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LIT4996MiracleMerchantThief Miracle of a thief merchant work
LIT4997MiracleBishopPhiloteus Miracle of Bishop Philoteus work
LIT4998MiracleJewJerusalem Miracle of a Jew from Jerusalem swallowed by a snake work
LIT4999MiracleBardeyos Miracle of the resurrection of Bārdǝyos from Bānyos work
LIT5000Miracle Miracle work
LIT5026MiracleGreedyPriest Miracle of a greedy Egyptian priest work
LIT5030MiracleNunDabraMEtmaq Miracle of a nun from the Egyptian monastery of Dabra Metmaq who wanted to run away with a lover work
LIT5001MiracleAndrewDorotheus Miracle of Andrew who celebrated the liturgy of St. Mary work
LIT5002MiracleSeaShipwreck Miracles of a shipwrecked pilgrim work
LIT5003MiracleJonahWife Miracle of Jonah, his wife and another woman work
LIT5004MiracleDina Miracle of Dina resurrected and released from the Hades by St. Mary work
LIT5005MiracleEpifaniusNifon Miracle of Epiphanius who became a devotee of Mary work
LIT5006MiracleCosmasBartos Miracle of Cosmas of Bartos who became a monk work
LIT5007MiraclesNun Miracles of a nun who forsook her duty for four years because of a lover work
LIT5008MiracleScorpionSwallowed Miracle of a sinful woman who swallowed a scorpion work
LIT5014MiracleSilanFood Miracle of the vision of the monk Silan and St. Mary preventing harm from poor food work
LIT5015MiracleEnbabrenaFasting Miracle of Enbabrena fasting, her husband forcing her to break up work
LIT5016MiracleAboliJew Miracle of trader Aboli who borrowed money from a Jew work
LIT5017MiracleSophiaConfessor Miracle of Sophia who distributed all her jewelry to the poor, and her husband who did not let her go to the church work
LIT5018MiracleSergisAbresqilaSon Miracle of Sergis and Abrisqilla and their son saved from Hell work
LIT5021MiraclePhilippNiqonya Miracles of Philpp of Niqonya who borrowed money and gave them to the poor work
LIT5022MiraclePeterSirloyos Miracle of Peter and Sirloyos who were resurrected for three days work
LIT5023MiracleMalkosMaryMichael Miracle of Malkos Nehis who was resurrected and lived 88 years work
LIT5024MiraclePopePachomiusThief Miracle of Pope Pachomius who stole myrrh from his own church work
LIT5026MiracleAvariciousPriest Miracle of an avaricious Egyptian priest work
LIT5030MiracleNunDabraMetmaq Miracle of a nun from the Egyptian monastery of Dabra Metmaq who wanted to run away with a lover work
LIT5031MiracleHerdsmanDemented Miracle of a demented herdsman of Rome work
LIT5032MiracleMonkTigris Miracle of a monk in the monastery of St. Ephrem, on an island in the river of Tigris work
LIT5033MiracleNifon Miracle of Nifon of Galaad who became a monk work
LIT5034MiracleMonkSeraphion Miracle of a monk from the monastery of St. Seraphion who kissed a cheek of St. Mary work
LIT5035MiracleTebreyanosPearl Miracle of the merchant who was offered riches for denying the faith work
LIT5038MiracleIncestuosWoman Miracle of an incestuous woman who was pardoned thanks to a prayer to St. Mary work
LIT5039MiracleMardariAngels Miracle of ʾabbā Mārdāri who was visited and blessed by 12 angels work
LIT5040MiracleRichmanPest Miracle of a rich man whose estate was saved from pest work
LIT5041MiraclePaul Miracle of St Paul who sees the glory of the Virgin Mary work
LIT5042MiracleBehor MIracle of Behor, a disciple of Ammoni, who sees the glory of the Virgin Mary work
LIT5043MiracleGregoryArmenia Miracle of St. Gregory the Illuminator who sees the glory of the Virgin Mary work
LIT5044MiracleJerusalemHolyPlaces Account about the holy places in Jerusalem hidden from the infidels work
LIT5045MiracleSonsMagician Miracle of two sons of the magician ʾAbrāsi pardoned thanks to the prayer to St. Mary work
LIT5046MiracleSick Miracle of sick people work
LIT5047MiracleSheperd Miracle of a sheperd who was praying for the salvation of his herd from cold work
LIT5054MiracleNoblemanHospital Miracle of a nobleman who established a hospital and took Satan as assistant work
LIT5055MiracleBookHours Miracle of a woman who was saved from sin by the Book of Hours of St Mary work
LIT5056MiraclePrinceRejectedBride Miracle of a prince who rejected his bride and run away from home work
LIT5057MiracleNoblemanImpoverished Miracle of a young nobleman who got impoverished and became rich again work
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